So basically, I'm 18 and my little brother is 3. I really love him and stuff but there are moments he just SO annoys me that I can't handle the situation. and guess whose fault it always is - mine. Okay, I know that I'm the elder one and I have to be more mature and stuff, but I have my momets too and I don't think that's a reason to send my to a psychatrist, is it? Because that's my mom's plan. And that's totally psychich in my opinion. Okay maybe that's the wrong word but I guess you know what I mean.. There's also this boy I kind of like but he's like a macho sort of guy.. he could have any gils he wants to (although he doesn't know it) and he's quite confident and stuff.. and we kiss.. sort of. well, last time we met he said something with "friends with benefits" but this can't be true because we're just kissing... doesn't matter, that's just by the way. The things that's bothering me is that he wants me to fall for him and I know it - he told me that it pushes his ego when a girl falls for him. But besides he always talks about realtionships and how badly he wants to be in one but it just takes him too long to fall for someone.. He's giving me mixed signals I can't tell and it's driving me kinda crazy at times although I don't even have a crush on him or something...

17.2.15 21:46

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