coming to an end

The day started well, I guess. School was totally fine and not stressful at all. Got up at 5:50, tried to sleep in the bus - which rarely works - started a typical school day and got back home. And I guess that was the point my day changed. I babysitted my Little brother for a while and suddenly got terribly tired. When he went downstairs to mum i layed down for a while and slept for about two hours. You know, ocasionally sleeping prevents headache and such things, but the tables were turned in my place. I’m feeling so sick today I’m not sure I can make it to school tomorrow, although there’s this amazing thing at the university where they show you all the subjects you can study and they show you around and stuff. Which means I’ll have to suffer tomorrow. But I’m glad that my semester is coming to an end and I have a week off. wouldn’t know what to do without it.

11.2.15 22:09

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