Let's get started !

I'm actually austrian, but i adore the english language so I'll just write in english.
Why I wanted to start a blog ... well, it all leads to a series called "awkward" i find pretty cool so i thought "why not, let's give it a try".
Besides my life can be interesting from time to time and there are a few things I'd sometimes like to write down.

Well right now there's not much interesting about me.
I'm 18 years old, pretty tall and can be weird sometimes - especially when it comes to relationships but that's a different story (has to deal with my ex boyfriend who's bitchy most of the times).

I don't know what more to say so I'll just head to my day - which was pretty usual and boring besides.
Woke up at six, went to school (where we had mostly substitutes because it's our last week of the first semester), didn't learn a thing, went back home and started downloading the Harry Potter movies - don't understand me wrong, I'm not a geek who doesn't have a life and only watches movies because he doesn't have any other things to do.
I have few friends, but real ones. Mostly.
But during the last days I'm just not in the mood to hang out with anybody, I don't want to bother and I don't want to be bothered.
It's my thing - somehow.

Heading to the personal part, i guess.
There's this guy I like. Who is my ex boyfriend besides, who cheated on me. But don't understand me wrong! Not that I didn't get over him - I did! But he is such a good hearted person and he was my first love (the guy mentioned above was my second). But He lives about 200km away from me and I'm not really for long-distance-relationships, so it's nothing serious.
He visited me on friday and I was quite nervous. But it didn't happen a thing so don't worry.
While another guy I like - "friendly" like - kissed me about two weeks ago and he asked me if we could meet in two days and I don't really know how to handle this because I don't know either he likes me as a friend and just wanted to try kissing me, or he wants more.
And if it's the second, I don't think I'm ready to decide...

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